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Grant eligibility

Grants will be limited to organizations domiciled and acting exclusively in the State of Oregon.

Grants will be made to organizations that have established their tax-exempt status under section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or be tax exempt as a publicly funded entity.

Grants will not be made for the benefit of individuals.

Grants for annual operating budgets, development office personnel, annual fundraising activities, endowments, operational deficits, financial emergencies, or debt retirement are not favored.

In considering applications for substantial projects, the Trust encourages the applicant to seek support from other sources to share in the total project.

Requests from the same organization will normally be considered by the trustees only once in a twelve-month period and will not be considered until payment of a multi-year grant has been completed.

The Trust will not normally support religious organizations or capital fund drives directly related to religious activities. We will support charitable causes of a non-religious nature, such as schools and hospitals, even when sponsored by religious organizations.

Exceptions to these limitations will usually only be considered on rare occasions.


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